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Brussels Law School Consultancy is an initiative to provide legal guidance to students, young entrepreneurs and those seeking justice. Our organisation consists of passionate law students who want to be your guide in the legal maze.

Our story

Brussels Law School Consultancy (BLSC)

Brussels Law School Consultancy vzw was founded by 4 students in the summer of 2019. The idea then and our goal now is simple: to form a team of law students and combine all our knowledge to help people or companies, who cannot afford it to consult a lawyer, for free. Compare it to an Angelsaxon Street Law Clinic for young potentials from 3rd bachelor and on. Our advice ranges from rental problems and intellectual property protection, to company structuring and canceled voyages. So far we have helped over 200 people.

Your question, our commitment

When we receive a question, we assign it to at least 2 of our consultants. If they consider the case to be finished, an independent one dubble checks it. In exceptional cases, we submit the result to a professor or lawyer. We contact you within 72 hours and our goal is to deliver an advise within 7-14 days, depending on the complexity of your question.

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Our team

We recruit young potentials and encourage them to become the better version of themselves. Our consultants improve their time management, public speaking and overall mindset through seminars, exercises and professional follow-up. By working on our cases, they also get a unique opportunity to get to know all aspects of society and make Brussels a better place.
BLSC is however more than a group of students. On a daily basis we try to make the law more accessible for all, backed by multiple professors, politicians, attorneys and our alumni.

Our partners